Club Championship results - Club Champion Stuart Biden (gross 150 - 3 way play off) - Club Trophy winner Dan Kucharski (nett 134) - Club Salver winner Lenny Brooker (nett 68 - bb9)
Ashford Golf Club
    367 Yards, Par 4
    352 Yards, Par 4
    306 Yards, Par 4

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A long, straight tee shot again required here. Hazards include out-of-bounds and trees on the left. A fairway bunker and deep ditch on the right will punish wayward shots. Favour the right-hand-side for an easier approach to a well-guarded green with bunkers left and right. Hit your approach shot too long and a steep slope through the green leaves an awkward return chip.

Tim ThornleyHole plans by Birdie Golf.

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