Club Championship results - Club Champion Stuart Biden (gross 150 - 3 way play off) - Club Trophy winner Dan Kucharski (nett 134) - Club Salver winner Lenny Brooker (nett 68 - bb9)
Ashford Golf Club
    323 Yards, Par 4
    312 Yards, Par 4
    269 Yards, Par 4

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A short Par 4, this hole is a good Birdie chance but only after a straight drive through a narrow tree-lined gap, favouring the left-hand-side, if you dare! Bail out to the right and the second shot becomes difficult as bunkers protect that side of the green. The green slopes front to back so approach shots may need to land short to finish near to front-of-green pins.

Tim ThornleyHole plans by Birdie Golf.

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